Episode 16: Smartness & Super-Geniuses with MC Frontalot

Dom & guest host MC Frontalot (Damian Hess) discuss the meaning of “smartness” in geek culture and the trope of the super-genius in film, TV, and comic books. Touched upon: Watchmen, Spider-Man, Star Trek, Scully of The X-Files, Asimov’s Foundation Series, Stardew Valley, and U2, absolutely not in that order.

Dominic Mah: https://www.youtube.com/c/KaraokeRhapsody & http://www.yomyomf.com/users/dominic/

MC Frontalot: http://frontalot.com/

Christopher Morrison: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1392571/

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Episode 15: Great Musical/Song Moments In Geek Culture

Hey, it’s our first episode with a GUEST HOST because Chris is shooting a film, so Dom is joined by filmmaker/musical enthusiast/pop-proto-culture expert H.P. Mendoza to discuss the most elevating musical/song moments in geekdom, including banter about THE ABYSS, HUNGER GAMES, ROBOTECH, TRANSFORMERS:THE MOVIE, SCOTT PILGRIM, STAR TREK:BEYOND, and somehow manage to go the whole hour without mentioning Joss Whedon once. (WTF?)

Dominic Mah’s Karaoke/Cosplay YouTube channel, and at YOMYOMF and @ThorHulkCritic.

H.P. Mendoza (guest host), at H.P. Mendoza. 

Chris Morrison on IMDB, and his feature film in progress: Joanne

The “Willin'” scene from The Abyss.

“Dare”/”Escape” from Transformers The Movie (1986).

Star Trek: Beyond, the Beastie Boys Attack. (SPOILER)

The Minmay Attack (NOT from Robotech, but as re-conceived in Macross: Do You Remember Love.)

Katniss sings near the end of Hunger Games 3A, a.k.a. Mockingjay Part I.