Our Guest Host today (Chris is still shooting a feature film) is Greg Pak, writer, filmmaker, and preeminent scribe of Marvel’s THE INCREDIBLE HULK. We discuss the Hulk’s relevance as a symbol of repressed/channeled rage and strength, with insider insights from Greg’s work as a creator of the PLANET HULK/WORLD WAR HULK storylines, Amadeus Cho (the current, Asian-American Hulk) and also tidbits about Greg’s work on the John Carpenter mash-up comics series and his creator-owned work. Enjoy, and SMASH.

Dom on Greg’s Asian-American super-team-up storyline in TOTALLY AWESOME HULK, for YOMYOMF.

Dom’s review of Greg’s creator-owned dream project, KINGSWAY WEST.

Greg Pak’s official site.

Twits to follow: @gregpak, @thorhulkcritic, @dommah, @cosplaykaraoke, @JoanneTheMovie, @Reality_Plus_


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